Why Your Wife Has Awesome Ideas!

Like any good self employed individuals we’ve ended up having to stretch the limits of our credit and sometimes to our detriment. Although had it not been the case, we also wouldn't have our new lil buddy Canon Rebel T6i or as we like to call him Camera…we’re creative in other ways. Through our accumulated points we were able to add Camera to our family. 

Little Bear Photography Nanaimo BC

It all started with a conversation I had with my wife…don't think it could've start any other way. She’s a master of keeping active with hobbies and fun crafty projects. The decor in our home is all the proof needed. She was the one to introduce me to something called Pinterest…heard of it?! Well I had not and I must say its very Pinteresting, ha! 

So the misses comes up to me one day and says “You know the points we’ve been saving up for a family trip to Nashville?!”  Immediately I knew something big is coming next that would present some alternative to said trip. An alternative to a musical destination I had been dreaming about for years…actually only one year and pretty much ever since becoming hooked on Nashville (an excellent television program I might add).


She suggested we get a high quality family camera and she used the best reason possible, our then 5 month old daughter. She presented her case in great detail which is what she does best, she’d be a great lawyer. Now this happens often enough that I tend to play devils advocate, to analyze all angles before settling on a comfortable decision. Relationships are all about balance. 

Well it took some convincing and in the end we ordered the camera. All conversations leading up to that point were based on the understanding that she’d been the one who would learn the ins and out of the camera. I thought it’d be fun to use once in a while but I just didn't see myself having the time to invest... on account of my music career going somewhere at a snails pace. 

Tyler Simpson Photography

I am no stranger to professional photography, with my dad having been a photojournalist, the smell of the dark room is still fresh in my mind, on top of years immersed in the world of the creative arts. Photography is an instrument like any other and like all instruments it too beckons me to come create, play and bring connection to others. When I'm interested in something, knowing its every nook and cranny, curve and personality become my mission. Though I've done countless photoshoots and enough media to fill a large gallery as part of my music career, I hadn't yet realized the potential for joy my talents could bring to people!

It arrived in the first week of November and like a little kid opening up a gift on Christmas morn', my wife tears right in. The kid in me was excited too, even though I did my best to resist it's magical draw. I was actually hiding my excitement so as not to steal her moment. 

Little Bear Photography Nanaimo BC

So we have some fun with it, get some family Xmas style pics, since all the decor was already up, in our eagerness to celebrate our daughters first Christmas. As I mentioned when I get taken in by a new instrument, I hyper focus on it to exhaust.  The camera was rad, the pictures were so clear, messing around with aperture, exposure and white and the endless creative options in one little camera!

Now fast forward to a birthday party with our little girl and her pals. Our little girl has so many friends because of the mommy group my wife became a part of, I don’t think the kids knew they were all friends yet, its just something parents say. I always feel awkward at these things, they're her lady friends that she knows well, they all can shoot the breeze for hours and then in the distance are all the husbands. We fumble about over superficial conversation, having only met once before, just trying to find common interest. Mainly we end up staring at our kids and make sure they don't injure themselves, while the ladies visit and hey they most definitely deserve it. The birthday party was at a gorgeous Nanaimo Local Winery, Chateau Wolffe. My camera had become a pretty neat buffer between myself and awkward conversation. You may have noticed I said "my" camera... well what can I say?!

Little Bear Photography Nanaimo BC

Okay so my favourite photo to take has always been the candid shot. Those absolutely pure and beautiful moments of life when we are simply being ourselves. The moments when we are free from judgement, scrutiny, insecurity and any compulsion to strike a pose to appease the inner dialogue of self criticism. IT'S HARD, all of a sudden you are witnessing every inch of yourself like it’s under a microscope. You’re told to act natural, meaning; go back to ten minutes ago when you weren't in front of a camera.

So at this birthday party I decided to follow all the little ones around snapping shots. Photographing our daughter has been the most inspirational experience. I’ve never once told her to smile. I just follow her around and she does funny little things. The shots of when she is still and inside her little wondrous mind, melt me the most.

I spend the afternoon snapping shots of the little ones. There's an intuition that comes with all creativity and it directs my lens to find that moment, that picture worth a million words. There's no rhyme or reason to it, I see it and I want to capture it.  I think its futile in the first place to get a little one to pose, its like saying “Hey grow up now and stop being yourself, because it is not good enough for this picture that we’re gonna take"…that felt good to get off my chest. 


The party wraps up, we go home, look at the pictures, do the appropriate "ohhhhh so cute", "oh wow how beautiful" etc…It was such lovely afternoon and I didn't want to seem like the creepy guy taking pictures of the kids, so I pick my faves, load on to my iPhone, do some quick edits and send them off to all the moms. We love those kinds of pics of our daughter so I thought they would as well. It was also awesome to bring up with my wife afterwards “Babe just sent a bunch pictures to your mommy friends.”…Flirting gets very elaborate when your married, that choice was me flirting with my wife. 

So over the next couple days the mom’s were saying how much they loved the style of the pics. I mean one of them was a 1 1/2 yr old boy wearing a tiara and riding Thomas The Train Engine, you just won't see that unless your looking. So of course my wife starts to devise an idea, that leads to a plan, that leads to a course of action, that leads to me writing this blog at 3:30am to promote our new business LITTLE BEAR PHOTOGRAPHY.

I wouldn't have any fun without my wife, the adventures I’ve had and will have with her and our little girl are the best. Our little girl is 20 months now, getting more stunning by the day in nature and appearance. She can be wild, still and herself even when Dada’s holding a camera snapping pics and melting with joy from the inside out. Without her in our lives this exciting adventure wouldn’t be happening. Here's To The Young, The Wild & Free And To Dreams That Will Always Be!

- Cory

Written From My Heart To Yours!