Future Small Town Hero

Rink For One Please

We played a lovely theatre in Clarenville NL the other night and it was attached to a hockey rink...guess which came first?!  


I grew up idolizing my older brother, who played every sport under the sun  and hockey was his main squeeze. That being said I am no stranger to the neighbiurhood rink. I love the smell the most, frigid air, concession stand fries and the hard concrete. Couldn't tell you why that combination is so appealing and maybe it's the intense nostalgia I feel every time the scent fills my nose! 


The building was brimming with activity before our show, a neon lit family skate, a hockey practice or two. By the time we were done around the 10:30pm, the building had turned into a ghost town once our audience left! Except for one fella, a bag of pucks, and was running his own solo practice. I couudnt help but watch and snap a couple pics. The commitment to practice at such an hour, had my imagination running wild with what he was practing towards. It's a scenario movies are made of. Small town boy looking to get his shot at the Canadian dream and becoming a hockey hero! Was very grateful to have been in Newfoundland on that day and hour just to have that moment of heartwarming nostalgia! When so far from it's the simple memories that bring you right back to where you belong!