Cory has spent over two decades in the music industry most notably with Vancouver Island based band Lion Bear Fox.

the experienced gained as an independent musician has gifted Woodward with expertise in the field of Audio Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing & Effectively Maximizing Social Media Platforms.

He has Produced, Co-Produced, Self Produced and Mixed over a dozen records to date. His role in Lion Bear Fox aside from singer/songwriter, propelled him into the realm of Graphic Design & Photography. From Album Layouts, Tour Posters to Documenting tours via film and photographs His travels have taken through out North America and beyond, producing, in high frequency, online content utilizing the various medians mentioned. 

Cory works with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Final Cut, Lightroom & Photoshop


Producer & Mixing Engineer

With a focus on finding the best possible path for each song to reach the largest audience possible without losing the integrity of the original sentiment in which it was written. Every song has a story to be told and herad! 


Stylized lyric videos, one off song performances cover or original or any variety off social media content. Branding is key to maximize and build your audience. Lots of videos out there to stand out from so lets create something that will be a cut above the rest. Any performance videos will come with a pro level audio version of the song as well.    


Album Artwork - layout and design from start to finish. You can send me images to work with or create a concept that best suits your project.

Poster Design - tour or single shows a stunning poster is a must online and on the street.

Social Media - looking for consistency through out the multitude of platforms available to artists theses days. Sizing is different for all so I can have your project show up the way it is intended on each platform. 

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